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Lighting has changed significantly compared to five years ago. New technology has resulted in energy savings, lower maintenance costs and improved control and customization to fit every industry. No matter the setting, our lighting team is committed to making the future brighter.

The introduction of LED lighting has revolutionized how lighting systems are designed. It's one of the biggest technical changes across any of our divisions to date. Imagine lighting your space with less fixtures while lowering your maintenance and operation costs at the same time. That's the beauty of LED and other innovative lighting products we carry. Not sure where to start? You can count on our lighting specialists to recommend the best lights for your install or upgrade. In addition to performing lighting audits and designing layouts, our team can coordinate energy rebate programs in your area. We can assist in applying for funding to help finance your project and get a better return on your investment. Contact us today for all your options.


Here's How Our Lighting Specialists And Manufacturers Come Together To Serve You.

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Lighting Service Expertise

You can buy lights just about anywhere, so what sets us apart from the competition? The outstanding service we provide with every product recommendation we make is why our customers keep coming back. If you're in need of a lighting upgrade, we'll begin by conducting a thorough lighting audit to evaluate your current situation and opportunity for energy savings. Whether it's a warehouse, commercial, residential or industrial space, our lighting team can map the optimal lighting layout for you. Contact our team and discover how we can create the perfect modern lighting solution that checks all the boxes.*Our Lighting division offers product seminars and training to keep customers educated on the latest product advancements, code changes and environmental regulations. Contact us today to learn more.

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Our Lighting Manufacturers

From ballasts to photoelectric sensors and lamps, all of your residential, commercial and industrial lighting requirements can be fulfilled by Graybar Canada. Our manufacturers remain on top of changing technologies, and the professional-grade lighting products they offer are second to none. Whether you're looking to light up a parking lot, sports facility, warehouse or office space, we'll help you take advantage of the latest lighting fixtures to make your project shine. Come in and chat with our team or start by exploring our products today.

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How Graybar Canada Powers Customer Success

Our lighting specialists have helped businesses all over Canada experience the benefits and cost savings of great lighting. By working with our lighting experts, we can show you how to reduce energy costs and save on maintenance year over year. Not only that, but we'll calculate energy paybacks and guide you through the process of applying for rebate programs in your area. It's a win-win all around!


From The Best Manufacturers In The Business

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