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The need for sustainable energy continues to grow rapidly and is becoming a source of power in many parts of the world. From electricity generation to energy storage and distribution, homes and businesses are taking advantage of renewable products to power their activities. Graybar Canada's Energy division has a wide breadth of renewable energy and cost-effective product solutions available to our customers.

From outfitting large buildings with rooftop solar PV modules and racking to supplying home owners and businesses with EV chargers, our energy team is revolutionizing how our customers access power and connect to the grid. What the future needs, the future gets with smart solutions developed by our team and renewable energy product partners..


Here's How Our Energy Specialists And Manufacturers Come Together To Serve You.

Electrical Service

Graybar Canada Service Expertise Energy Service Expertise

Our specialists are constantly focused on what's new and what's next when it comes to renewable energy. We draw on extensive experience and continuous learning to solve problems and deliver solutions. Not only do energy products make environmental sense, they make good business sense for the contractors, engineers and companies we work with across Canada. From modernizing aging energy infrastructure to supplying innovative solar, wind and energy storage product accessories, you can turn to us to provide unmatched service and technical expertise. Want to learn how you can start producing and storing your own energy? Reach out to Graybar Energy's experts and learn how they can tailor your unique project needs with a well-rounded energy solution.

Electrical Service

Our Energy Manufacturers

The growth of the energy sector, including renewable and green energy, is accelerating. Graybar Energy has proven experience supplying sustainable products to jobs of varying sizes from 8kW to 200 MW. We're an industry leader in electrical balance of system components (BOS) for solar, wind, energy storage, distribution, nuclear, hydro, biomass, geothermal, bioenergy solutions and electric vehicle charging. From top to bottom, we carry electrical fuses, wire & cable, electrical distribution equipment, switchgears, solar inverters, ground fault detectors and balance of system (BOS) components to complete your energy saving solution. Explore some of our most popular energy manufacturers or contact us to connect directly with a Graybar Energy specialist.

Electrical Service

How Graybar Canada Powers Customer Success

When it comes to energy generation, storage and charging solutions, our customers want to reduce their carbon footprint while saving money. We've supported energy modernization projects across Canada including supplying rooftop solar PV panels to a Nova Scotia university and accessories for a major furniture retailer in Alberta. Our balance of system (BOS) components include solar PV modules, racking modules, wire & cable, electrical panelboards and disconnects, tie wraps and ballast blocks. From the early microFIT programs through renewable energy wind farms, and utility scale energy storage solutions no project is too complex for Graybar Canada's energy specialists. When energy solutions are sustainable, everybody wins.


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