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Communications & Data

From structured cabling to wi-fi to the phones on your desk, our communications and data specialists can equip your building or upgrade your existing facility's infrastructure with the network cables, access points and data centre options you need to ensure fast, reliable performance.

Communications and Data Specialists at Your Service

In the past, data communications services were installed using copper cable. Now, it's fibre optic or power over ethernet cable (POE) - or no wires at all. The speed of communication is faster than ever. This dynamic, increasingly wireless world has armed us with more bandwidth, better UTP cabling and higher-performing technologies than ever before. Graybar Canada communications and data specialists will keep you up-to-date on the latest enterprise solutions so you can easily integrate scalable, cost-effective products into your project.


Here's how our communications and data specialists and manufacturers come together to serve you...

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Graybar Canada Product Expertise

Our communications and data specialists rely on their combined decades of industry experience, strong relationships with leading manufacturers and ongoing education to elevate their knowledge base. They also coordinate product training to ensure customers are on top of the latest communications and data trends. The Communications and Data division recognizes it's not just about understanding one product, but how that product integrates with other service areas. This allows Graybar Canada to offer customers complete project solutions instead of just pieces.

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Our Communications And Data Manufacturers

Graybar Canada partners with an extensive list of first class communications and data manufacturers. Through these partnerships, we're able to provide a wide range of quality products, including, copper and fibre optic cable and related connectivity, equipment racks and cabinets, power protection and backup, network switches, wireless access points, telephone headsets, audio/video conferencing tools, cable, wireless and network test equipment. Our manufacturers supply more than just products. Together with Graybar Canada's specialists, they apply their extensive knowledge and experience to our customers' projects to develop the best solutions.

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How Graybar Canada Powers Customer Success

Efficiency and access are especially important in the workplace and in spaces where people converge. Our communications and data specialists work closely with contractors and end-users to implement network infrastructure in commercial, institutional and industrial facilities across the country.


From the best manufacturers in the business

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