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Technology isn't replacing jobs, it's enhancing them. Graybar Canada's commercial and industrial automation products and solutions can help you achieve business objectives while improving workplace efficiency and safety.

From lighting and climate control to industrial production processes, everything is turning toward automation. That's why Graybar Canada is so committed to helping our customers embrace innovation. Besides saving time, automation makes workplaces safer and more efficient by reducing the possibility of someone getting hurt. Workplace safety is a concern for every company, be proactive and contact a Graybar Canada automation specialist today.


Here’s how our automation sales representatives & manufacturers come together to serve you...

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Graybar Canada Service Expertise

The growth of industrial networking is moving quickly. The breadth of new products and services being added to the market is huge and so is the learning curve. Our automation division is chock-full of specialists who are manufacturer trained to keep up with this fast-changing landscape. We supply drives, PLCs, standard controls, motor controls and provide installation services. We're more than able to deliver automation products and solutions that keep up with the latest industry standards.

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Our Automation Manufacturers

Graybar Canada provides a broad offering of quality automation products and services ranging from push buttons to programmable logical controllers (PLCs) to motor control centers (MCCs). Everything you need to build a state-of-the-art facility is at Graybar Canada. Our core automation manufacturers offer top-quality products and services that provide third-party solutions that work in conjunction with our partners. Investing in different solutions and systems that don't communicate with one another is outdated thinking. Today, it's all about setting yourself up for success with a full-service package that connects everything seamlessly. Start by exploring some of these automation products and services today.

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How Graybar Canada Powers Customer Success

If you work in the manufacturing industry, we know how heavily you rely on automated processes to keep up with ongoing changes. Our automation specialists work closely with your facility operations' team to help achieve optimal efficiency and productivity. Graybar Canada's automation experts have the skills and experience to get your industrial business on the move.


From the best manufacturers in the business

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