Why Graybar Canada?

Who is Graybar Canada?

Graybar Canada, an employee-owned company, is a wholesale distributor for thousands of items from leading manufacturers of automation, comm/data, and electrical products. Headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Graybar Canada operates over 30 locations across the country. Our trained specialists and top-quality products enable us to provide customers with a complete solution.

Graybar Canada is a subsidiary of Graybar Electric Company Inc., a Fortune 500 company, and one of the oldest and largest North American electrical distributors. The Company is committed to quality through its customer service, products, supply and distribution and performance.

Our Capabilities

As employee owners, staff at Graybar Canada knows that outstanding results for customers can be achieved by putting core values of teamwork, resourcefulness and reliability into practice each and every day. Graybar Canada continues to grow and maintain the loyalty of its customers by demonstrating a set of capabilities that customers look for in their wholesale distributor.

  • 30 stocking locations across Canada and access to 290 more across North America. Branch locations offer quick, convenient counter service, showroom displays, and wireless Internet access for customers
  • Diverse product line with a multitude of leading brands in Electrical Supply, Industrial/Automation, Lighting, Comm/Data, Wire & Cable, Utility, Security & Technology, Renewable Energy, and Oil & Gas.
  • 24-Hour emergency services
  • Availability of drop shipments and delivery of products to contractor docks, job sites and remote containers
  • Customer training on up-to-date technology, products and improved methods
  • Management of material layout and packaging of products from multiple vendors for job and site-related coordinated deliveries
  • Migrating inventory levels and locations across the country as the project rolls out.
  • Coordination of material supply and tracking with contractor’s PMO
  • Electronic billing and convenient online payment capability

Our Specialists

Graybar Canada has specialized product divisions to better serve the needs of customers. Together, the divisions can provide a complete solution for projects in government, commercial, industrial, residential, health care, and education.

To assist customers with product selection and application, the Graybar Canada team is committed to continuous improvement. All Graybar Canada employees complete a core curriculum and development plan through Graybar Canada’s Career Management System. There, they can take job specific courses, product training and soft skills to better serve customers.

At Graybar Canada, we differentiate ourselves from our competitors in many ways – one of which includes our knowledgeable staff, who not only have industry experience, but are certified experts in their field. Whether it’s Lighting Certified, or a Security Product Certified, you can trust that we are qualified to give sound advice.

Quality Service

Graybar Canada’s internal Quality Management System defines the policies and procedures used throughout Graybar Canada to ensure that our products and services meet both the specified customer requirements and our business objectives in a consistent, economical, and reliable manner.  These requirements are based on the needs of our customers as well as applicable International and National Standards. We are committed to continuously evaluating our Quality Management System with a strong focus on effectiveness, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. We would welcome any opportunity to address your specific needs to ensure that we perform to your expectations.

Sustainable Development

Graybar Canada operates with the future in mind. That is why sustainable development is an integral part of the Company’s foundation for success. Sustainable development is also important to our customers, therefore the number of energy management products and services we carry will continue to grow in order to meet customer demand.

Graybar Canada works in partnership with organizations to promote and provide a distribution channel for lighting and automation incentive programs. Graybar Canada is able to provide retrofit and new construction cost analysis and payback models for your establishment.

Applying smarter, more intelligent solutions to help manage consumption will generate the greatest energy savings and lead to a healthier, stronger bottom line.


Our AODA policies are available upon request.
Download a copy of our Graybar Canada Accessibility Plan HERE