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What You Need to Know About Smart Thermostats

August 2, 2019

Did you know that heating and cooling accounts for almost half of your power bill, costing the average family $900 annually? If you’re looking to save some extra cash, a smart thermostat may be
right for you.

To learn how a smart thermostat can help manage your energy use, we caught up with Graybar Canada’s Security and Home Automation Specialist, Rita Murphy.

Cost effective

Let’s get right to it. It’s been reported that smart thermostats can save you about 15 per cent on your power bill. When it comes to purchasing digital devices, we often think they’re more expensive, but that’s not necessarily the case with smart thermostats. “You’re probably looking at spending a couple of hundred dollars,” says Rita. “When you put that against your energy savings it can pay for itself in less than a year.”

Smart thermostats can also monitor how and when you use the most energy. “The beauty of these devices is their ability to give you a whole breakdown of how you’re consuming energy – by hour, by day and by month.” This is valuable information because it allows you to adjust your behaviours and see if you’re wasting energy during certain times of the day.

Remote controlled and self-adjusting

How many times have you left the house for work or vacation before remembering to adjust the thermostat? We’ve all been there but a smart thermostat easily solves this problem. “The most basic function is that you can adjust your thermostat settings from anywhere, anytime,” explains Rita. “You can remotely change the temperature and set up schedules. If you leave for work every day at 8 a.m. and come home at 6 p.m., you can adjust the thermostat so it automatically kicks-in, or you can do it remotely from your phone.”

Not only can smart thermostats be controlled remotely, but they’re actually smart enough to adjust the temperature without “being told”. “They have a built-in feature to automatically change the temperature on extremely hot and cold days,” Rita says. “They offer a lot of peace of mind—especially for those who have cottages or properties they can’t travel to quickly.” They work by sensing the temperature and adjusting accordingly so you don’t arrive home to a sauna in the summer or worry about your pipes freezing in the winter.

Easy to install in any space

One of the best features of a smart thermostat is that there’s one for everyone. “We offer thermostats that work with any heating and cooling system,” says Rita. “Our Stelpro line can work with electric baseboard heating, while our products work well with all other types of systems.”

The biggest question Rita gets asked about smart thermostats is the installation process. “My recommendation is to have a professional install your system,” she explains. “There are many “DIY” retail products on the market, but consumers can sometimes run into challenges with the installation. Graybar works with many qualified, experienced dealers across Canada and we would be happy to recommend one in your immediate area. Keep in mind that no matter if you have a 1920’s home with old stone walls or a brand-new house, they can offer you aesthetically pleasing options that allow you to easily swap out the old thermostat for the new smarter version.

Whether you’re a business, contractor, security dealer or home owner, contact us today to learn more about smart thermostats. Graybar Canada’s specialists are trained to find you the best solution for your project.


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