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3 Things You Need to Know about Electrical Boxes

September 4, 2018

If you work in the electrical industry, then you know your way around electrical enclosures – those protective boxes that surround electrical equipment and prevent you from getting the shock of your life. But did you know sales of these cabinets are on the rise and expected to reach $7.23BN by 2023? That’s a whole lot of electrical enclosures and it’s all thanks to our industries becoming more automated.

Electrical enclosures are on the rise

With industrial facilities making the switch to computerized systems, the electrical enclosure market is forecast to increase by almost six per cent between 2016 – 2023.

“Where it used to be people moving products, it’s now machines,” explains Steve Schell, Kitchener Branch Manager at Graybar Canada. “We’re seeing this all over – not just automation products but data and networking products, too. The machines are now talking to each other, facilities are talking to each other. All that equipment needs to be protected and that’s where we’re seeing a lot more enclosures being used in the field.”

How do you know which “box” is right for you?

Like most equipment in our industry, the selection of electrical enclosures can be overwhelming. Steve recommends starting with the type of environment the enclosure will be exposed to. This will help determine the NEMA rating – the level of protection your enclosure needs to meet. “For a standard indoor application where water and oils aren’t present, you can use a Type 1 NEMA rated box. If your box will be exposed in wash down, heavy oils or outdoor applications, then you’ll need a NEMA 3R or 4X rated enclosure.” Accessories and add-ons are also available for the boxes such as literature inserts, drain plugs, handles and feet to raise the enclosure off the ground. “Once we find out what is needed, we can customize the box to suit our customers’ needs,” says Steve.

Four types of enclosures:

  • Electrical Enclosures – protects equipment
  • Disconnect Enclosures – protects equipment but gives you the flexibility to shut off the power
  • Networking Enclosures – isolates and protects data and networking devices
  • Cable Management Enclosure – protects cables running from devices to the enclosure

Graybar Canada offers a variety of electrical enclosures including the CSD and ProLine Series from Hoffman. Contact your local Graybar Canada representative today so you don’t forget the box for your next big project!


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