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Reducing Energy Consumption in Cold Weather

October 4, 2016

As the daylight hours decrease and the temperature outside gets colder, we are using more energy. The key areas we can focus on to reduce our consumption are lighting, heating, and home/facility efficiency.

Lighting represents a large part of energy consumption in every building, and upgrading is one of the most cost effective ways to save energy. LED lighting in particular has a much longer life span than any other type, and has lower associated maintenance costs. Lighting controls, such as occupancy sensors, have a great impact on the energy consumption of a lighting system, as they are programmed to automate the lighting to be in use only when necessary.

Home management applications related to the Internet of Things (IoT) also allow remote access for control of lighting systems, for both efficiency and security purposes.

Speed, duration, area size and environment type are all factors to consider when finding an optimal solution to efficiently heating your home or business.

Electronic Programmable thermostats offer automated settings so you can program the temperature to reduce when you are away or while you sleep. There are even touch screen, voice activated, and control from anywhere versions using smartphone and geofencing applications.  Alternatively, there are low voltage options such as the cost-efficient line voltage or low voltage electronic versions.

Whether you require a heating solution for a multi-zone or single zone, large commercial space, or even a hazardous location, there is an ideal option including the right cables and control features.

Ways to increase overall efficiency depend on the type of facility such as a home, commercial building or manufacturing plant. Having said that, provincial and municipal governments and agencies are continuously expanding their list of offered rebates associated with energy savings.  They are also always changing the offered rebates as they adapt to the trends in efficient products.

Improperly controlled motor loads are a key contributor to energy consumption in manufacturing facilities. When variable speed drives are used, the costs associated with maintenance, heating, and cooling are reduced as a result of the reduction in speed and use of the motors.

Thermal imagers can also save time and money by finding potential problems before they become costly disasters. With thermal imagers, you can efficiently inspect an entire facility for hidden issues or monitor a thermal process frame-by-frame.


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